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Volume 1, Issue 2, Fall 1997



R/W 200


Vildes G. Mello

At night, sitting in my chair
the lights go out
The darkness in my heart
Lonliness' black embrace
envelops me…
I close my eyes
and think in white
My memories return
to my white childhood
The white chimney smoke
Whose pinewood smell
lingers in my nostrils
The snow caressing my face
and freezing my undressed hands
The flakes fall as a bridal veil
and I feel peace.

Today, I look for white pigeons in the sky
but find soot and black smoke
I look for peace in my life
and find only my personal war…
Why did I lose the happy white?
Why do I live in sad black?

R/W 30P

Red Color

Andreina Estrada

Red is the color of the passion
that I felt for you one day.
Red was the color of the fire that ran in my body when you kiss me the first time.
Red was the color of my tears that I spilled when you betrayed me.
And red was the color of my blood that was boiling in my veins when I swore not to forgive you never in my life.

Red in the Night

Hitomi Okamoto

Blinking red lights on the streets
Red on the women's lips
with bewitching perfumes

--in the city--

Gaudy red fruits on the trees
Sparkling red wolves' eyes
and their howl

--in the forest--

The the great red Sun rise
Every morning
Every place


Engin Hasel

White is clean,
Clean like babies.
White is soft,
Soft like clouds.
White is bright,
Bright like eyes.
White is clear,
Clear like first love.
White is unlimited,
Unlimited like death.


Antonietta Vivola

Who have ever imagined
What kind of color is
the children's soul?
It's like the color of innocence,
pure, simple and generous.
Don't have badness, don't know about that
Is like the truth, clean and wise, without lie, either falsehood.
I also like the bird,
that fly without stop,
untired, but happy because they are free,
Free to fly through the big clouds,
with the hope to find peace.
You already know what color
I am referring to, exactly, is the white!
the color of the soul that dreams.

OS 50P

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Takao Tsujinaka

One day, one beautiful day
It's just a gentle breeze.
I stopped walking to look up at sky.
There are no clouds.
I felt sky is very huge.
Sky lets me not want to do anything.
Sky lets me feel peaceful.
Sky lets me forget my worries.
Sky gave me some power.
And I start walking to my future.

A Square World

Eun Young Cho

Four lines make square place
Square doors, square windows and square desks
I make the square with two thumbs and my first fingers
Through this, I observe people around me
Many students are studying under the same roof
But they spread out
They are doing their own works
Sometimes, they are talking to one another
But it doesn't last long
I bend my fingers
It still looks like square but smoother
From time to time, we feel lonliness and close our mind
Open our mind
This is the way to live
If we try to give up selfishness
We can live in a circle world

Crisp Breeze

Kyongeun Park

Longing longing blue sky
Drawn in there, my lonliness
With its broad heart, It shielded me
I'll send my yearning with my sigh
Rustling rustling trees by the wind
Hidden in there, my gloom
They sang to me, joyful life
I'll send my melancholy with the song
Floating, floating airs by the wind
Waving in the wind, my hair, my clothes
They whispered to me. Forget it!
I'll send my troubles with the whistling of the wind

13th Street

Kevin Wang

This street seems no different sight.
Monster reptiles on this street
driving rapidly
But, listening!
It is different
It is discomfort
I am smelling.
Seem to make me an alien,
not a home feeling
It is a strange street.
There isn't familiar air floating


Tomoaki Maesaka

Warm sunlight
Comfortable wind
Shade trees gave
Chattering baby and mother
Babies are treasure
Since they bring smiles to us
A peaceful day of autumn
We are talking about our future
Everybody was happy except you
You were talking about the end of the world

OS 30U

The Sea


You can see
a lot of things
on the sea.
You can hear the waves' sounds
that make you relax
like a good song.
You can feel the salty air
with the sand on your hand,
then you think this is not fair,
maybe I can have with my friends
a tall stair.



Where are you coming?
What are you made of?
When are you coming here?
Why are you here?
I want to know about you.
I want to know.
I want to know all of you.
But you are leaving soon.
Where are you going?
Why are you going?
I want to know
before you leave.

Looking for

Gloria Alvarez

I would like to meet the man
That I was always looking for,
Who know everything about my fears,
Who had seen me grow up
And who, if I want him to,
Will always be there for me.

Are You Hungry?

Sakaya Kani

Are you ready to go?
The restaurant is in the sky.
It is floating lightly in the sky.
The tables and chairs are made from clouds.
The blue sky is spreading all over the place.
Can you hear these sounds?
Many birds are singing a song.
The meat is sizzling in the frying pan.
There is a clanking sound of people using knives and forks.
People are talking cheerfully.
The restaurant is filled with aromatic smells.
What do you want to eat?
We can serve everything you want to eat.
Are you getting hungry?
Welcome to aerial restaurant!


Sumie Kamide

On a snowy day I met you and I became fond of you
I spent enjoying time with you
You called me like every day
Why were you kind to me?
I don't know what you are thinking
I separated from you when all things changed
I told you my mind before I left
But I didn't ask about your mind
I was afraid to listen
What are you thinking?
I never forget that day
Have you ever thought about me?
I keep writing a letter to you
But you never answer me
I wish on a shooting star
I will be able to meet you soon
I will tell you my mind again
And this time I will ask you about your mind
What are you going to say to me?
I hope that you don't change anything

Stories and Projects

R/W 30P

Lion and Hunter

Engin Hasel

Two hunters were speaking. One of them said, "I had a trip last week. I was walking and looking around the environment for a good animal when I saw a big male lion, and he saw me too. I didn't move because he was running to me. He had a very strong body and big paws. His hair was waving with wind, and his teeth were big and strong. His eyes were like fire balls. I wasn't scared because I had seen lions before this. I knew what to do to it. He came near me. It was terrible. Suddenly he stopped. There were two or three meters between us. He looked to my eyes. I was going to attack him, but he turned his back to me, and he went. When he went, I went to other cages. You know there are many cages in the zoo. According to me, the monkeys are more enjoyable than the lions.

Interaction 41P


Intira Coowanitwong, Jae Tae Jemg, Piyamas Rhuwipadawat, YiKuen Lee

Once there was a beautiful planet called Inticripamjadee. For short, we will call it Intilee. On this planet, there were many fascinating things, Korean Koo-coo, Thailand Dooley (Dinosaur), big cacti (cactus hurts fingerus). One day, a big wind blew everything away. And a volcano tossed its fire cookies out. There was a fresh breath of creations. The planet Intilee made new skin. From the space station far away, new exporers spaceship launched bound for Intilee. They traveled through the falaxy to "boldly go where no man has gone before". They arrived at Intilee. They met beautiful female aliens with big eyes like a crab. At that time, a tornado appeared. Two female aliens fought over space boy, and their children looked like crabs.

GM 50P

Group Name TACK

Khalid, Arang, Chae, Takuji

Khalid's family went to University Avenue which had the Homecoming Parade. Khalid lost his daughter who is three years old. The police found her and took her to the police station which is on 6th Street. After a half hour, Khalid called the police station and they told him that his daughter was there. They met her. She was sleeping with a doll. And then when the baby got back with her family, she started crying.


Somsak, Ronald, Jay, Ming, Kevin

Somsak who is an ELI student wen to San Diego, which is the most southern city in the state of California. He visited his relatives, which are US citizens. He also visited Tijuana, which is a city of Mexico, for one day. Because Somsak is a nice person, he brought pens for his classmates. When he came back to class on Wednesday, he gifted pens to his pals.

Group Name EEE...J

Eriene, Eve, Emi, Jun

  1. Eriene was the one who had a bad eperience with boring Americans.

  2. Jun, who went to NY, had a good time.

  3. Emi was the one who was always tired.

  4. Evelina, who stayed at home, had a great time.

  5. Jun, who thinks his pronunciation is bad, is wrong.


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