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Volume 1, Issue 1 Fall 1997


The Story of Fall in Korea

Hyung-Ju Park

The story of fall in Korea is very important. It is a beautiful array of color, sound, dance and scent.

My country is small but very beautiful. It only takes 6 hours to drive a car from the North to the South. It only takes 4 hours to drive a car from the East to the West of Korea.

Even though it is small, there is a beautiful balance in nature of the mountains and the rivers. They shed a sweet scent of abundance and peace. Furthermore, in Korea, fall expresses a great splendor and beauty. It is the best of all seasons.

A lot of color embroiders the whole country and people’s clothes reflect the colors of fall. Every day there is always the splendor of the setting sun and the rice paddies hat look like a running gold river covering the whole country because they change to yellow color in the fall.

When one tree in the mountains changes color, it is like a new costume and all the other trees in jealousy change their clothes too.

The rivers reflect the color of the sky which is very bright blue because of the sun. The sky seems very high when I look into the rivers. My eyes hurt from the intense blue. In the fall, it’s almost like the edge.

The sky is a virgin blue. There is never a cloud, and a bird rarely flies into it.

The sounds of the waters in the river valley, the birds chirping, the wind blowing in the mountains and the rolling leaves create a gorgeous orchestra of music.

Sometimes the wind is like a small child playing and dancing with the fallen leaves on the roadside. It runs in a circle stirring up the leaves. Then it leaves to go to another road looking for another plaything. A lot of children like to run all day in the fall season and they never get tired because the west wind is very refreshing. Mother is waiting for her children with a smile on her face. She is looking forward to her children coming back home. Her heart is warm and full of love for them. She sees the splendor of the setting sun and knows they are coming home soon.

And the smells of fall flow sweetly here and there. They don’t know where to stop and live, so they just flow. Sometimes they sit on somebody’s nose and then leave and go to somebody’s shoulder. It is like they are playing hide-and-seek with a butterfly. And the fruits and cereals of Korea also give a wonderful fragrant scent in the fall.

So, you can see the fall in Korea is the story of fantastic color, sound, dance and scent.

The Problem of Pollution

Reading/Writing 300 Student Opinions

Bangkok’s Pollution

Tawin Kongsuwan

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand since about 230 years ago. AT first, Bangkok was a small city. It had only 50,000 people. Nowadays, Bangkok is the biggest city in Thailand. It has a lot of roads. The water is black, they sky is gray, and the soil is rubbish.

"The Venice of the East" was the past of Bangkok. 100 years ago, Bangkok was "The Venice of the East." It had a lot of canals and the water was clear. Now, we have a new Bangkok because it has few canals carrying the rotten water to the sewage treatment factories. Increasing of rotten water and decreasing of canals made Bangkok to be a city of water pollution. Most of the few canals are black. The smell of rotten water is very bad. If people touch the rotten water, they will be sick. The rotten water comes from houses, buildings and factories.

Because most canals are changed to be roads, cars are increased for transportation. In Bangkok, cars are increasing by 20,000 per year. Factories are increasing by 100 per year. We have too much road and building construction in Bangkok. The air of Bangkok has a lot of dust, CO, Pb, Hg and germs. A lot of people have bronchitis, bronchial pneumonia and heart disease because of them.

Now, let’s talk about soil pollution in Bangkok. In Bangkok we use a lot of chemicals in houses, hospitals and factories. When it’s raining, the chemicals will flow with water and are stored in soil. We cannot use the soil in Bangkok for doing anything. The soil of Bangkok is useless.

In my opinion, the pollution in Bangkok comes from carelessness of people. Today, water pollution, air pollution and soil pollution are being addressed by the Thai government. We will not have these kinds of pollution soon.

Pollution in Guatemala

Frank Espigares

The pollution is not so bad in Guatemala because we still have a lot of green areas, and that cleans the air. But the problem is the people cutting the trees or burning areas, and that’s a big mistake because we are causing pollution and destroying our planet.

One of these problems is the noise from cars and factories, but this is affecting the factory area where poor people live. The effects on people are big because pollution affects the ears and is killing animal life, too.

Another problem is the pollution in Amatitlan Lake. It is one beautiful lake of Guatemala, but it has a lot of pollution now because people wash their clothes there, and the soap is not good for fishes and it’s killing them.

The next problem is the burning areas. The people cut and burn trees to make space to live, but the burning smog gives us pollution and scares animals too. And the effect is that the green areas are like lungs for the city, to clean the air.

My conclusion is that we have to save the planet because our children are going to live here and we don’t want a planet with pollution for them. Let’s keep it clean!

Pollution of Korea

Jung Hun Lee

There are problems that bother me in Korea. Most people feel these problems. They are environmental problems. They include air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. Their pollution affects people’s lives.

The air pollution is serious in the city. There are many cars and buses on the road. All of the transportation always spouts the carbon dioxide, and volumes of smoke that are detrimental to health are rising from factory chimneys. Because of air pollution, our lungs grow worse and the ozone is destroyed by degrees.

The water pollution affects our mode of life. The water is very important for our life. But these days, water pollution is serious. Each kind of waste water pollutes all rivers. Rivers are polluted by industrial pollution. The contaminated water causes various kinds of disease, such as food poisoning. In the future, there may be no water to drink.

The noise pollution is not very serious. But that is also pollution. Seoul suffers from noise pollution. We are greatly harassed by noise of various kinds. The people who live around the airport hear earsplitting noise from airplanes. The airplane produces a tremendous noise. The noise pollution will cause our emotional uneasiness. So, we must reduce noise pollution to make silent surroundings.

The pollution affects our life. Our brain cells are dead every day because of pollution. We must make agreeable circumstances for our own sake, not only our decendants.

Faults of Gainesville

Ji Hoon Park

Gainesville is a good place to live. For example, Gainesville is a very silent and clear town. The weather is lovely. And it is a nice place to rest. It also has a fine view. I live in Gainesville, so I am a lucky girl. But for even such a good town, Gainesville some faults.

The first fault of Gainesville is they don’t separate the garbage. There are many kinds of garbage: cans, plastic, vinyl, wood, glass, cloth, paper and dregs of food. All these types of refuse are dumped together. Sweepers may separate the garbage afterwards. Though our school separates the paper and the cans, I think it is ineffective. If we bury the garbage which we don’t separate or if we heap up the garbage, that is environmental pollution. Directly, we don’t feel that, but I think separating the garbage is protecting our town, the USA, and the earth. If we collect garbage separately, sweepers just have to pick that up.

Secondly, there is pollution from the sounds. The sounds of the fire car, the police car, and the ambulance are necessary to our lives. But we hear loud sounds too frequently. I even hear the sounds at school a number of times. Hearing the sirens is not good news. So I wish we could hear the sounds less.

Thirdly, there is the smoke pollution. I don’t know whether cigarette smoke is pollution or not. But Gainesville has a lot of smokers. Everyone knows the harm of cigarettes, and secondhand smoking also is a big hazard. I think many people smoking is pollution. Smoking is harmful for people and is harmful for the earth too. Therefore, we must give up smoking.

There are these kinds of pollution in all nations, as well as in Gainesville. The pollution is an international issue. The pollution is harmful to the world, so a lot of nations have environmental protection laws. Therefore, we must remove the pollution in order to protect the environment.

Environmental Problems in Gainesville


Most of the big cities have been becoming environmentally polluted. Gainesville also has recycling, noise and water problems, but these are not as serious as in other big cities.

First, in my apartment, there are many trash bins, but I can’t find any recycling bin. All of the residents throw out their trash without separation. Sometimes, I can find many pieces of glass around the trash bin. There will be effects on the apartment and city. If people put out their garbage separately, not only does our city save a lot of money, time and human energy, but also our apartments become cleaner without pieces of glass around the trash bin.

Second, noise is a kind of nervous environmental problem. My ex-neighbor made a lot of noise every day. She usually walked loudly in her house. It made me feel as if I was in an earthquake. It often bothered my sleeping even at night. Music from next door also bothers me and other residents because it is so loud, like a fire alarm on the street. These noises infringe on our comfortable lives.

Finally, water is the most important thing for human living, but water is dying for many reasons. Gainesville city water contains too many chemicals for purification of water, so we can’t drink it. Some people who drink the city water without boiling or purifying can easily become sick from it because chemical water has bad effects on our body.

We have to be concerned about our environment because this city is not only for one person. It is for everybody. We try to keep our environment becoming better.


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