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Volume 4, Issue 1 Spring 2000


Advice for new students

Bo Yun Choi
Reading/Writing 55
1st Place

When I came here, to the ELI, first, I didn’t have any experience about the life in a foreign country. It was my first time to go to outside of my country, and I was alone at that time. So, I wasted lots of time to get used to these surroundings and to wander because I didn’t know what I should do. Therefore, if you join ELI, you have to do some things to improve yourself and not waste time; studying hard, making some friends, and enjoying your life in U.S.A.

First, you have to study hard. Think about why you decided to study English and came here. Maybe you have had your own purpose in your mind since you decided to come here. You should keep that until your goal is accomplished for you, for your present and future, and for your supporter. To study effectively, it is important to design your time to fit you and to live as your plan. To do homework and attend school without absences will help you to improve your English. Also, watching TV, going to movie, and reading newspapers are effective to your study.

Second, make some foreign friends. If you came to U.S.A. alone, you may feel that you are very lonely. However, if you make friends, they will help you and give mental comfort. Besides, if they are foreigners or native speakers, you can learn English from them. To make friends, first, don’t be afraid, have an open mind, then be active. Joining ELI weekly activities and going on trips with ELI on every weekend are some of methods that you can make friends in ELI. And, there are many ways to make friend, but only when you want to.

Finally, enjoy your life in U.S.A. Maybe these states are different from your country, at least a little. So, there is some stuff that cannot be found in your country. In my case, I like driving, but my country is small and it is difficult to drive because there are many curves and up and down hills, and almost roads are narrow. However, in the America, there are many good roads to drive that are straight and endless, so I can enjoy my hobby. Therefore, if you have wanted to do some things but you couldn’t do in your country, try it in this country. Maybe U.S. will offer an opportunity to you.

Certainly, it is not easy to learn another language in a foreign country because you should be accustomed to culture and life of other country before learning another language. However, you

decided to study English and came here with your great dream. If you plan your time well and study hard, your dream will come true. Besides, if you make friends and look for fun for your life in this foreign country, you may not feel lonely.

One Thing Representing My Country

Eun Sook Chung
Reading/Writing 55
2nd Place

If I were asked to send one thing representing my country to an international exhibit, I would choose people in Korea. People can represent our country and we have good personalities worthy of sending to exhibition. Most of all, Koreans are very diligent and strong people. Korea is a small country. We don’t have many resources and we don’t have even oil producing. Furthermore, we have had many difficulties in our history, because our country is located in the middle of the strong countries; the USSR, China, and Japan. Although we have had many invasions from other countries, we’ve never given up. We’ve always overcome our difficulties. That’s why we are called "morning calm country". Now, we can see this in our economical situation. Since our economical crisis in 1997, our economical situation has been getting better. And we believe we can overcome these difficulties again with our national personalities.

Besides, we like to enjoy life. Our ancestors liked to sing and dance. And many gorgeous art works remained like paintings, sculptures, china and so on. They loved nature. As a result of that we can see many architectures in the nature that are balanced with nature. Because our mountains and rivers aren’t enormous like the Rocky mountains or the river in China (I forget the name), we’ve felt our nature as friend. Finally, I’m very proud of Koreans warm-hearted. We’ve always our happiness and sadness with our family, friends, neighborhood and sometimes the whole country. If a person, whom they know, has a difficulty, everybody would try to help as much as they can. Our people have a lot of sympathy and love. Maybe, it sounds weird to send people to an international exhibit, but I’m very proud of the Korean people. They are the most important resource things in my country. That’s why I want to send my people to the exhibit.

An Untrue Movie About Turkiye

Veli Dogan
Reading/Writing 25

There is a movie called Midnight Express for acted disinformation about Turks and Turkiye. Have you ever seen this movie? If you have seen this film what do you think about it? What do you think about why were acted this movie? I have been at the ELI for only one month, and I have discussed with several people about it? I have started to think everybody has already seen this movie and all of them believe the story is true, and Turks are wild , torturer people. They all are produce about us and Turkiye. Because the movie influences their mind. I am going to answer the questions above and tell you their opinion and claims not true in this article.

Why were Midnight Express acted? If you want to find answer for this question, you must look to history. The Ottoman Empire (1299-1923) had a very big geography included North Africa , Arabia , the Balkans and Anatolia. (Romania , Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Greece, Turkiye, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Cezair, Tunusia) It was founded by Turks , and Sultans were Turk. Although this fact, they had never thought The Ottoman Empire is our empire and Turks are more sporior than other nations. Actually Turks were minority in this empire. They had governed tens of nations and religions with justice for 624 years. The Ottoman governments had been formed people from all religions such as Jewish, Christians, Muslims and all nations such as Greek, Serbian, Albanian, Arabian, Turk. Think about these please now. If they governed without justice, after 600 years could Christians live in that geography? I am sure they are assimilated by Turks if that idea was true. The Ottoman empire tried to be formed Ottoman Nation which is formed with people who thinks I am Ottoman like American people although they are from all over the world who says I am American, but they had not done this. After French Revolution (1789) nationalism and racism were raised all over the world , and these has a powerful effect on the Ottoman Empire. Greeks , Bulgarians , Arabians, Serbians , separated from the Ottoman Empire. Nationalism raised quickly in these states. They had brought up their children with enmity. Some of them came to the US as immigrate. They had continued enmity in their mind. I think these movie is an example for disinformation made by them. We can not understand why they do not like us.

Why do these movie influences peoples mind this much? I do not know , but it is reality. I have seen lots of movie about the USA before I came here. In most of them there are lots of violence in the USA. All people have gun and like violence. Policemen are torturer. I have come here and I have seen. This is not true. Midnight Express is also like this. In it an American man is arrested with lots of drugs in Turkiye and he is put in a prison. He lives very bad things there. Policemen torture him and rape him. An important point in these movie they say this is true story and if you go to Turkiye you might live this. They make generalization. This exactly wrong idea. Come to Turkiye and see. Do not make an idea about a nation with seeing a movie.

Southern Turkiye has beautiful beaches with beautiful sands and sunshine which are lying on the cost of mediterrian sea. Aegean coasts are also decorated with tens of bay. Mountains are started from near the beach there. If you want to see historical places you can find the oldest historical places in the Europe such as Aya Sophia (300), Aya Irini Church (), Sultan Ahmet Mosque (1500), Ephessus Antique City (BJ), Aspendos Antique Theater (BJ), St Nicholas Churc , The Virgin Mary Church …etc. in Turkiye. Every year millions of tourists who are from mostly Germany, England, France, Netherland, Denmark, Israel, Russia and Scandinavia countries come to Turkiye for vacation. Turkiye treats tourists with respect. We are second or third country in Europe which threats the most tourist with respect. If Turkiye is the same as country in the movie, could those people go to Turkiye? Are they stupid , adventurer, brave and fearless? No. They are intelligent, because they have come to Turkiye and they have seen the our country and our people who are so hospitable , friendly , hearfelt. Do not let racism.

Come and see!

We welcome you!

One Thing That Represents My Country

Bo Yun Choi
Reading/Writing 55

If I were asked to send one thing representing my country to an international exhibit, I would send "Kimchi", the traditional food of our country. The reasons why I've chosen "Kimchi" are these. First, "Kimchi" is the traditional food of our country and has a long history only in our country. In the hundreds-year-old books, they prove that "Kimchi" is ours and they show how to make various kinds of "Kimchi". However, many other countries mistakenly think that "Kimchi" is Japan's, but Japan has only copied Korea's, and sold it in the international markets. That's the reason other countries mistakenly think so. Second, "Kimchi" shows the cleverness of Koreans. When we have winter, there is no food to eat because it is so cold. Thus, our ancients developed a way to store some food for a long time, and "Kimchi" is one of them.

Sending A Thing Representing My Country

Monica Martin
Reading/Writing 55

There is not easy to think about only one thing to send to an international exhibition to represent my country. There are a lot of things in my country, which I would like to show. However, if I have to choose only one thing this has to be something that really represents my country. Something that belongs to Venezuela, that doesn’t exist in other country. I would like to send something that every Venezuelan being proud of. In order to send something that represents my country, Venezuela, very well I will choose to send typical food like Arepas, Pabellon and Hallacas.

First, These kinds of food really represent Venezuela because they were created in Venezuela. There are not another countries where people accustom to eat these kinds of foods. Arepas, Pabellon are traditional food that we eat a lot of times. Hallacas is a traditional food that we only eat in Christmas. However, it’s no important when we eat that but these three foods always represent Venezuela.

Second, These three kinds of food are a perfect combination to several ingredients. Pabellon is a combination between one kind of meat, which I haven’t ever seen in other country. Also, Pabellon has rice, black beans and plantains. All these ingredients make this food tastes great. Arepa is like a kind of bread made with special flour. Arepas can be done fry it or bake it and they can be eating with a lot of things like cheese, jam, eggs, meat, tuna, etc. Finally, Hallacas is a complicated but delicious food. It’s a combination to a lot of ingredients inside a kind of flour that is yellow. Hallacas is the most typical food in Venezuela. For all these reasons will be perfect to show these kinds of food from Venezuela to others countries.

Finally, I think every Venezuelan are proud of Arepas, Pabellon and Hallacas and we are going to be happy showing these to represent our country in an international exhibition. In conclusion, it’s not easy to choose only one thing to represent my country because there are in Venezuela a lot of beautiful and interesting things that could be important to show to other countries. However, Arepas, Pabellon and Hallacas are a good representation to our customs.

Make Your Interest Wide-Open

Yuji Watanabe
Reading/Writing 55

You have already had a lot of experience. You choose your favor and interest from your experience. However, limited interest or favor does not make your English be improved widely.

You should do something with someone even though you do not like to do it. You will find new verbs and new phrases for active from doing something. If you are with native English speaker, you will find alot of phrases. I went skiing with American I did not want to go skiing though. But then I studied "fall over". If I did not go skiing, I would not have found it in real situation. Even if I found it in text, it would have been difficult to understand relatively. You do not have to take trouble to go skiing from Florida anyway. You should talk to someone even though you do not like him or her. People who have different way to live from yours have a lot of vocabulary you have not known. This reason is as same the reason above. Real situations make you understand easily. Actually I pick "otherwise" from my co-student. She often says "otherwise".

You should do some thing you have not done before even though you have expected it was boring. I do not like watching football but I did. Actually it was boring as I had expected but I felt a kind of American spirits in the football game that go backward means loose. Make strategy to win. It is important to know how Americans think in order to understand English essentially.

You can study verb phrases, vocabulary, American culture, and more from doing something. You cannot study English in real situation in your own country. That is why we are here. You do not have to change your favor or interest. But you should try to do something at least once even if it is out of your interest or favor.

Giving A Piece Of Advice To New Students

Monica Martin
Reading/Writing 55

There are a lot of reasons for going to other country to study a different language. A lot of people leave their own country and go to other place to learn a new language or to study their careers. When people decide to go to other country where there are different people, different customs and every thing will be new for them they have to be aware of these changes that will happen in their lives. Although, living away from your own country in order to learn a foreign language is a great experience there are several things that are necessary to practice to enhance this experience. It’s necessary to try as much often as you cannot to speak in your own language, to make friends in order to share with them and have fun times, and the most important things is be positive in all the situations because being away from home sometimes became people sad.

First, If you go to other country to learn a new language because it’s easier to learn a language where almost all the people speak it, I will be terrible if you speak a lot of times your own language with other people who also speak your language. You have to try to speak whatever language you are learning with everybody either people who speak your own language or not. You have to try to talk in the new language almost all the time, When you are in your break, when you go out at night and when you are at home with yours roommates.

Second, You have to try to make friends because it is really important to share with people in order to share with them and have fun times. It’s important because you have to feel like at home because as you feel good as you are going to learn a new language. Having friends and sharing with them make you feel happy and them you are going to feel more ready to learn.

Finally, the most important thing is being positive in all the situations in order to make this experience a good experience. At first time when you are learning a new language you feel frustrated because you don’t understand anything or you can say anything but don’t be frustrated you are going to see your progress soon. Also, is important that you feel happy, try to put your house beautiful because as you feel comfortable as quickly will be your learning.

In conclusion the most important advise to give somebody who is going to live in foreign country to learn a new language is try to enhance this experience as much as you can because you are going to learn a new language but also you are going to learn more thing that will chance your life.


Souheil Sassi
Reading/Writing 55

Tunisia is presently an unknown country for some of you but it has one of the oldest civilizations in the world. From Carthage of the Phoenicians to Tunis of the Muslims my country went through different cultures (Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Greeks, French, German…). However, the first civilization was Berber, tribes living through out North Africa. Couscous was the traditional dish for the Berber. So if you asked me, "What would represent your country?", I will answer couscous. Couscous, a cereal, is a fine grain. These grains start as semolina that is processed in a series of steps to become couscous ready to be cooked. Couscous, the dish, combines other ingredients like meat, vegetables and spices. This complete dish is rich in proteins. Carbohydrate and vitamins. Couscous has different versions; my preferred one is the one with fish special kind of Mediterranean fish. Some times. this dish is cooked differently form a place to another. These differences are just in spices used in it. It is common to drink buttermilk with couscous. We may have inherited this tradition from Berbers, who used to live from their sheep cattle.

Couscous, has been a North African tradition for thousand of years. But presently it is adopted by other cultures such as the Lebanese. As I already said Tunisia went through different colonization from the west and the east and that dish was the cultural link between both sides. This dish is very common in Europe and more exactly in France, where North Africans have a large community. It is becoming a common presence in some menus and in some American supermarkets.

This dish is just a small part of our rich history. However, it is the best example to represent Tunisia.

Japanese Rice Represents Japan

Yuji Watanabe
Reading/Writing 55

Japanese eat rice. We like it very much. When I was a high-school student, a rice shortage happened and the government temporarily imported rice from different countries such as Thailand, China, the U.S. and Australia. But most of the people claimed they had different taste and smell. They were different seeds. But we eat Japanese rice not only because Japanese feel it tastes good but also because Japanese strongly relate to rice.

Japanese or Asians respect their elders. Most of these people are engaged or used to be engaged in agriculture. The knowledge of agriculture is acquired only by experience. A remarkable example involves the weather. Elders know the weather. Therefore they are socially important where people eat rice. "Japanese take their shoes off in their houses. This custom came from rice farm customs. The rice farmers work in muddy rice paddies. It is necessary for them to take their shoes off because they are so dirty. Also sometimes they use their feet to seed rice. They have to keep the feeling in their feet sensitive." These are why they take off their shoes off in their houses.

Some Japanese have names that stand for rice, rice paddies in their family names. This probably means their ancestor used to work as rice farmer. I can show a lot, I won't though.

These examples show how Japanese relate to rice. It is not only as important as gas, electricity, water, but also mentally important. I think Japanese is to rice what American is to guns. Historically, I mean.

Thanks from the Editor

Thank you to the reading and writing teachers for encouraging contributions and Dena Erickson and Russell Moon for reading and scoring the submissions for the Student Voices. Patti


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