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Language Assistants

Krystin Anderson

Hey everyone! My name is Krystin, and I am a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science and Anthropology. My family is from the beautiful island of Jamaica. I really love music and have a special passion for singing. I can play 5 instruments, (oboe, piano, saxophone, trumpet, and vocals) and am lucky enough to be one of the soloists who sing the national anthem at graduation. I’d love to meet you all, so come chat with me!

Daniella Andre

Hello Everyone! My name is Daniella André and I am a 2nd year Biology Major on the pre-medicine track. I love trying new food, drinking coffee, and practicing my makeup skills!! I love interacting with people from different cultures and I can’t wait to get to know all of you! I am passionate about medicine, and my goal is to become a doctor and help eliminate health disparities. This is my first semester as an LA and I can’t wait to see everyone blossom!

Camille Armada - Cultural Immersion Program Assistant

Hi, everyone! My name is Camille and I am currently pursuing a Master’s Degree from UF in ESOL/Bilingual Education. I am originally from Miami, so I love going to the beach, dancing salsa, and drinking Cuban coffee! I have previously served as a Language Assistant and Conversation Partner at the ELI, and am so excited now to be the Cultural Immersion Program Assistant Coordinator! I absolutely love meeting students from all over the world and encouraging them on their language learning journey! Stop by the CIP Office anytime and ask me about American culture, UF, or ELI activities! I am looking forward to meeting you all!

Tyler Brabham

Hey hey! As you can see, my name is Tyler, and I'm a graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in Family Sciences. I have been abroad to Ecuador, Haiti, South Africa, Botswana, Germany, Mongolia, and most recently China.... but sadly, I can only speak English. So, if you're a student coming to the ELI, I hope we can chat soon!

Caleb Bright

Hey everybody! My name is Caleb Bright and I am a fifth-year undergraduate student at the University of Florida. I’m majoring in Family, Youth and Community Sciences and a Disabilities in Society minor. Post-graduation, I hope to pursue a Masters in Christian Counseling and work in outreach clinics that meet peoples’ needs spiritually and emotionally! Here in Gainesville, I spend time with my church Gator Christian Life and play all types of sports! Basketball, soccer, and volleyball are a few of my favorites and I love when I get to play them with friends. The last country I traveled to Bolivia and I hope to go to Germany this summer! Coming into my first semester as an LA, I’m excited for everything to come!
Zariah Brown

Zariah Brown

Hello! I'm Zariah, a third year sociology major and Gainesville native. I absolutely love to travel and eat, but then again who doesn't? I got the opportunity to visit Cafe Friday when I was a freshman in high school. From that point on I was hooked. I knew ELI was where I was meant to be, and am honored to be a first time LA. I'm here for a good time and a long time. I can't wait for you to join us. Welcome to the family!

Angelica Caraballo-Santiago

Hey everyone! My name is Angelica Caraballo-Santiago, and I'm a second-year Chemistry and Anthropology major. I love cooking, learning new languages, and music. I am Puerto Rican, and I'm a Florida native. I also love meeting new people and learning about different cultures around the world. Fun fact: I play five instruments! I can't wait to meet everyone this semester!

Delaney Cotton, Social Media Assistant

Hello, my name is Delaney Cotton and I'm a fourth-year Political Science major and Innovation minor on a prelaw track. I was born in Shanghai, China and grew up in Palm Beach County, Florida. I love to travel, read, bake, eat dim sum, and got to the beach. This will be my fourth semester as a Language Assistant!

Ana Cruz

Hi everyone! My name is Ana and I’m a fourth-year undergraduate student at UF majoring in Biology with a minor in Anthropology. I was born in Cuba and grew up in Miami. When I’m not teaching the ELI class, you can catch me either studying in Library West or trying a new restaurant in Gainesville.

Davis Dees

Hey there! I’m Davis and I’m a third year Linguistics and German double major. I love reading, baking, traveling and learning languages. I’ve lived on three continents and traveled to 20 countries. I spent the majority of my life in Johannesburg, South Africa – which is where I grew up. After I graduate from UF, I’m planning to pursue my Masters in Computational Linguistics. This is my first semester at the ELI, and I’m very excited for future semesters and friendships to come!

Drake Gonzales

Hey what's up my name is Drake Gonzales, I'm a Linguistics major at UF and also getting my TESL certification. It is my first semester as a Language Assistant and I'm super stoked about it. When I'm not studying for school I enjoy skating, practicing with my band, taking my dog to the park and riding the Hawthorne trail on my bicycle. After school I want to teach English abroad for a bit and then pursue my Masters in TESL/Linguistics. I hope to have a fun and exciting semester in the CIP program!

David Griffin

Howdy! My name is David and I’m a first-year Russian major from Sarasota, Florida. I plan on teaching English in Russia after I graduate before going to law school. I love languages, history, and playing sports and video games. Talk to me if you’re interested in playing Ultimate Frisbee! I’ve had the opportunity to travel to France and Spain, and I hope to visit as many other countries as I can. I can’t wait to share a great first semester with you as an LA!

Rosana Gutierrez

Hi all! My name is Rosana Gutierrez and I am a double linguistics/political science major with a minor in German. I was born in Cuba but have lived in Hialeah my whole life. I started conversation partner my sophomore year and loved meeting students from around the world. I was hired in the Fall (B) of 2018 and look forward to learning more about different cultures and people. In my free time, I love watching Netflix and playing with my cats.

Ping Jung Huang

Hey there! My name is Ping, and I am a second-year master student studying Bilingual Education. I was born and raised in Taiwan. I went to school in different places like Vancouver Canada, Miyazaki Japan, and Kentucky US. I am a fan of gyming, hiking, beaching and cooking. Also, if you are looking for people to hang out in cozy cafe, museums, or watch movies at home, please please count me in! This is my first year as a Language Assistant, and I am really looking forward to learning about each one of you!

Maddie Knorr

Hi all! I’m Maddie. I’m a senior studying Psychology and Linguistics here at UF. I’m also in the TESL certificate program, as I love traveling and teaching. This is my 4th semester at the ELI, and I’m excited to continue making friends and helping my students improve their English. I love learning new languages, painting, and doing yoga. Come say hi – we can grab food or coffee.

Haley McDuff

Hello! How are you? My name is Haley McDuff and I am a third-year undergraduate student at UF. I am an English major and a theatre minor who loves traveling and meeting new people! After graduation, I will receive my Teaching English as a Second Language certification and will teach English abroad. A few of my favorite things are animals, crafts, movies/shows, musical performances, scenic views, and outdoor activities! I have been to Ecuador, Australia, Italy, France, London and soon I will go to Ireland! This is my first semester as an LA and I cannot wait to meet all of you and learn about your experiences!

Nickou Memari

Hi everyone! My name is Nickou, and I am a senior majoring in International Studies with a regional focus on the Middle East. I am Persian and have such a deep passion for learning about other cultures. I speak Farsi fluently but am also currently learning Arabic, Spanish and Italian. Around Gainesville, you’ll probably find me at a coffee shop reading poetry or studying. I’m excited to connect with you all on or off campus, likely over a cup of coffee!

Erica Montero

Hi! My name is Erica Montero and I am a first-generation student (in the U.S!). I am originally from Venezuela and moved here 4 years ago. I am a Senior majoring in English Literature on the Pre-Law track. I am passionate about education and uplifting women and minorities, and I thrive in diverse environments. English is my second language, and I was blessed to have a community of individuals who helped me navigate the language and the culture; hence, I am especially grateful I have the opportunity to meet, share, and grow with our wonderful ELI students! Fun fact about me: I’m 4th generation Bahá’í. And to me, to be a Bahá’í means to have service at the center of everything that I do. To serve at the ELI is one of the greatest blessings of my life. I’m so excited to meet you all!

Isabel Molina

Hi everyone! My name is Isabel Molina, and I am a fourth year Food and Resources Economics major. My story with the ELI started way back on Fall 2015 when I came from my home country, Venezuela, to be a student at the ELI just as you guys! Three years later I came back to the ELI family this time as an LA to share all my experience as an international student in America with you. I consider myself really friendly and an outgoing person. I love Arabic food and I enjoy to learn something new every day!

Sofia Mora

Hi, I'm Sofia! I'm a third year Family, Youth, and Community Sciences. I am Ecuadorian American, and I have lived in Florida my whole life. I love sports and music and watching old Disney movies! I love talking and meeting new people, and I am so excited to be a Language assistant for the first time!

Daniella Orbe

Hi everyone! My name is Daniella Orbe and I’m originally from Miami. I’m currently a junior pursuing a degree in Linguistics, hence why I love learning about new languages and learning about how everyone uses language differently. I love spending time outdoors and being active. But most importantly, I love having a good time with my friends and family. I’m really happy to be an LA this semester and I’m excited to meet all of you! 🙂

Juan Paniza

Hi everyone! My name is Juan Paniza, and I'm a 4th year History and Chinese double major. Other than learning languages and other interesting topics, my hobbies include cooking, dancing, and climbing trees. My plans for the future are to continue teaching and to produce educational materials which can serve teachers and learners worldwide. I'm really excited to be a part of the ELI, and I can't wait to build lasting memories with all of you!

Angela Rodriquez, Conversation Partner Coordinator

Hello! My name is Angela Rodriguez and I recently graduated from UF with a bachelor's degree in Psychology with two certificates in Teaching English as a Second Language and Spanish for the Professions. I'm Colombian-American and I can speak three languages: English, Spanish, and Korean. This is my fifth semester as an LA and my second semester as the Conversation Partner Coordinator! I’m looking forward to meeting you all this semester!

Samikai Rosado

Hi everyone! My name is Samikai but I go by Sami. I’m a senior Linguistics major and studying to get my TESL certificate. I was born in Puerto Rico but raised in Miami by my mother who is Peruvian. This is my first semester as an LA at the ELI but I’ve been a CP for the past year. I love learning about different languages so if you have any interesting facts about a language, I’d love to listen! I also know UF campus really well and most of the facilities, so if you have any questions about locations, I can help you out! I’m so excited to start working as an LA and meet you all!

Alesandra St. Tellien

My name is Alexandra, and I so happy to be back at the ELI. I am a psychology and Linguistics double major, and a TESOL certificate student. I speak four languages, and I am learning Japanese now. I am super outgoing, so please don’t be afraid to say hey. I am from an island, so I love going to the beach and eating fresh food. My hobbies are exercising, writing poetry, and watching anime. You can always find me on the road to an adventure on the weekends. I can’t wait to get to know you all! Please wave when you see me.

Faith Stewart-Mason

Hello everyone! My name is Faith and I am a third year Educational Sciences major pursuing the TESL certificate! My goal is to travel the world with China being my first stop. You can find me studying, doing community service, trying new foods, or shopping in thrift stores. I hope to be an ESL teacher in order to help everyone with their English.

Irene Subervi

Hello! I’m Irene Subervi and I am a Junior studying Anthropology. I was born in the Caribbean and grew up in Tampa Florida. I love being outside more than anything, on my free time you’ll likely find me swimming in nature or out exploring the woods! Wonderful outdoors aside, I also have a healthy obsession with languages and cultures different than my own. This is my first semester as a LA and I am so excited to experience it with all of you!!

Amanda Venereo

Hi everyone! My name is Amanda Venereo and I am in my second-year undergraduate student at the University of Florida pursuing a degree in International Studies with a focus on the Middle East. I am Cuban-American and was born in Miami, Florida. I speak Spanish, English, and am currently learning to speak Arabic as well. This is my first semester as a Language Assistant and look forward to learning about different cultures and meeting new people!

Anna Walters

Hi! My name is Anna Walters, I'm a junior here at UF from St. Petersburg FL, studying Anthropology and Arabic on the pre-med track. In my free time I love to read, write, study languages, and learn new types of dance. This is my first semester as an LA but, am already having an amazing time meeting and growing along with all the students. Can't wait to see what comes next!

Lydia Wirgau

Hello friends! My name is Lydia Wirgau, and I am a senior at the University of Florida majoring in Chinese Language and Culture with a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language and Religion. My ideal day has a lot to do with mountains, coffee, cooking, swimming, tacos and a nice campfire! If you ever want to play Spikeball, or any sport for that matter, I'd love to join you. I am looking forward to my first year as an LA at the ELI! It is such an honor to connect with people and learn from them as I teach. Get pumped for this year and Go Gators!!

Jonah Whitford

Hello! My name's Jonah. I'm an English Major at the University of Florida currently studying in my 3rd year. I'm originally from Gainesville, Fl so if you have any questions about this great town we're in please ask! After high school I left for multiple years until I was ready to return to school and I can definitely say it was the right decision. I love to read, write, play basketball with friends, travel, and go on spontaneous adventures completely unprepared! I'll be in Gainesville until I graduate which should be within the next two years and after I plan to teach ESL abroad and explore until my heart's content. See you around town!