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Here are the most important parts of the website for academic information:

  • Intensive English ProgramĀ 
    The English Language Institute has three core academic English courses: Reading/Writing, Grammar, and Listening/Speaking. There are six levels of proficiency from beginner to advanced. For questions about the skills, promotion criteria through the levels, and exiting the program, contact the Skill Coordinator.
  • Academic Written English Program
    Academic Written English, which began in August 1983, was instituted to meet the academic writing needs of regularly enrolled graduate students who need help with writing in English. In Summer 2008 university-wide budget cuts and policy changes led to significant restructuring of the program and its offerings. Academic Written English (EAP 5845) and Research Writing (EAP 5846) are now being offered as a non-credit course. This course, Scholarly Writing, meets for two six-week sessions.
  • Academic Spoken English Program
    In the Academic Spoken English program regularly enrolled international graduate students can take either the credit bearing required ITA course, EAP5836 or non-credit academic spoken English short courses (Formerly EAP5835/EAP5837).